SPA Therapy

Today a spa is known as a facility where individual can receive a variety of treatment to promote and enhance their overall health ,beauty, and well being.

  • Aroma therapy:- soothe your body with this therapy involving rhythmic deep movements to enhance circulation, tone muscles and improve energy levels.
  • Swedis therapy:- it uses firm but gently pressure and long gliding strokes to ease sore muscles and release joint stiffness.
  • Revitalizing therapy:- Unwind your tension, energetic and bring the body back in balance . The treatment is a combination of energy points stimulations with stroke on specific energy centers to restore the harmony of the body and mind.
  • Healing therapy:- Pampers your senses and activates vital pressure points with deep movements to enhance circulation a complete  master-piece with profound and long lasting effects , a truly pleasurable experience.
  • Sports therapy:-  De-stress your mind ,body and soul with this unique therapeutic tool. A dry therapy , thus reliving tension in the  muscles. It gives flexibility to the body and alertness . Leaving an engorging effect it is an ultimate relaxation .
  • Thai therapy:- A dry therapy, it removes blockages in the energy  flow, relives in the muscles increase blood flow and restored balance, health &vitality
  • Relaxing back therapy:- The magical movements of trained touch can heal your tried body with proper pressure and stretches to release pent up muscular tension and painful muscles and feel revived for affected part.
  • Refreshing Head-neck Shoulder therapy:-   This therapy has been specifically designed to eliminate pain and stress that tend to accumulate around head neck & shoulder.
  • Energizing foot Reflexology:-  it involves deep pressure point on specific energy center on the foot which correspond to the internal organs of the body .excellent for rebalancing.