Personal Zeal Workouts

All the facilities of the Relax-Zeal group are provided at an individualized levels. The Personal Fitness Schedule (PFS) workout is an individualized cardio, weight training , endurance & stretching workout. 

Personal Workouts also called as Personal Fitness Schedule (PFS) is a tailor made individualised workout defined by the needs of the client. It is preceded by a fitness test which comprises of a complete medical & fitness evalaution. The fitness test is evalauted by a qualified fitness expert and the fitness schedules are planned as per the goals. An appropriate diet plan that couples up with the fitness schedule is given to enhance the desired resuts. All the modern enjoyable forms of fitness activities are incorporated in the PFS. Stability balls, medicine balls, Kettle bells, resistance ropes and tubes, disks, steps etc are used to make the workout more enjoyable.  The team ensures  consistent monitoring and motivation. The best part of this program is that age is no bar. All ages and levels of clients have enrolled in tis program and encashed the benefits.